Life is an adventure, and for me it certainly has been a fascinating journey. Every time I hit the road for another business trip, there is a new story, a story of new people, places, or things of interest. Just as many people on their vacations snag photos to bring home memories, I am doing the same thing with my pictures. The places I’ve seen and the people I have met are all part of that story. On my website I am now able to share these pictures of people and places with you. Thank you again for being part of my story.

NWSeniorInsurance People Gallery

My life has intersected with the people that have come on board with me. They are the actors and actresses that are in the starring role. Many have become good friends, and many have stayed with me for a long time. Some have passed on to another life, but their legacy will always live here.

NWSeniorInsurance Places Gallery

I absolutely love scenic photos, and I have taken many of them. However, the real story involves people and the imprint they have made on the landscape. Just as C.M. Russell invariably captured a story in his paintings and landscapes, I’m seeking to do the same with my camera.

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